Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weave Pole Proofing

Although I know better, I took Willie's weaving skills for granted and have not periodically worked on difficult entries and exits.  Yesterday, my chickens came home to roost and Willie had WP problems on 3 out of 3 runs!  I did a web search last night and came up with two good videos.  The first is by Jenny Damm.  Not only is her proofing extreme, but she also demonstrates the phenomenal distance ability of her dogs.  The second is probably a little more practical for most of us.


Here are the drills from the second video:

When I'm working on WP proofing, I generally use 4-6 poles so that we can get in more reps working on entries.  However, I also decided we would do some limited work with a full set of weaves and I designed two sets of exercises inspired by the Terry Elger courses we ran yesterday.

Here is a set up I designed after having problems with a very difficult weave entry in class last December.

Here's a link to video of me working through these exercises with Willie.  (It will take you to directly to the exercises and skip the lengthy intro.)

Finally, here's a link to a reprint of an article Rachel Sanders wrote for Clean Run, "Nail Down Your Weave Entries."