Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a Little Inspiration

I'm waiting for all my video footage to upload before finishing my post about this weekend's trial.  I found this video of Morgan, the first Great Dane to earn a NATCH while I was looking at some of the footage that has finished uploading.  I was so impressed with her enthusiasm.  Then I expanded the comment section and found she was also the first Great Dane to earn a MACH and a the first to earn a MAD!!!!

The NADAC Agility Trial Champion title award goes to Morgan "Danger" Powers, an 11 year old Great Dane. She's been competing in NADAC for 8 years and still running strong! Morgan earned her NATCH on July 11, 2010 in Golden, Colorado at the Mountain Dog Sports Agility trial under judge Patty LeRoy from Canada. (Morgan was also the first Great Dane to earn the AKC's MACH title and USDAA's MAD title!)

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