Monday, January 28, 2013

Bonus Line Practice

It is very hard to believe that yesterday there was a quarter inch of ice on the ground.  The patio was so slick, we took the dogs out through the garage for their outing of the evening--didn't need anyone slipping and getting hurt.  (Since the coyotes were out in force, we went with them to be on the safe side.)

Today the ice is melted and the sun was in and out.  I took advantage of the nice weather and worked all three Aussies outdoors this morning, concentrating on their heeling and stepping off with me on my first step.  Then I picked up the yard.

This afternoon, I decided either we should go tracking or I should set up a course to practice distance.  Since I didn't feel like leaving home, I decided to set up a Jumpers course with hoops and work on distance.

This one of the current VT courses on the NADAC forum cite.  (I added my own bonus line.)  I thought the hardest part of the course would be the turn from 6 to 7, and by and large it was.  However, it also took us a few tries to get the sequence from 3-6.  With Belle, the key to getting the turn from 6 to 7 is that I must use her name.  See "What's in a Name?"

I was surprised how quickly we pulled it all together.  Notice how much calmer my voice is by the last run.  ;-)  Oh to be able to handle it like that the first time.

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