Friday, May 4, 2018

Agility Equipment for Sale in NW Illinois

Last fall, I listed my agility equipment for sale, but then decided to think about it for a few months just to be sure.  Spring has come, and I know I will not be going back to agility, so here is the equipment I have left.  If you are interested in any of these items, email me at

 SOLD Weave poles - $195  Set of 12 poles in three 2-pole sections and two 3-pole sections.

SOLD Teeter - 2"x12"x12' board on metal base - $75

TAKEN Wooden dog walk.  The two ramps are detachable.  Since the middle section is one piece, it will either require a large trailer or disassembly for transport.  Free. 

SOLD 20' NTI tunnel, 4" spacing - $75

SOLD 16' NTI tunnel, 4" spacing - $50

SOLD 10' NTI tunnel, 4" spacing - $25

SOLD 8 pairs of heavy duty tunnel bags (with or without the sand).  The velcro no longer works, but these tunnel bags have very strong handles, and I used nylon rope to secure them to each other.  $25 per pair or all 8 pairs for $150.

 SOLD Double jump standards.  No bars included.  $15

Triple jump standards.  The bottom left piece is loose from the frame.  It rests against the frame, but I have pushed it out for this photo.  $20

 SOLD Wooden long jump with four corner.  $30  I no longer have the four corner markers.  So this is just the four nesting pieces of a long jump.  - $20

Two 4' jump bumps. $5 each.

SOLD A frame with mover.  Sides are plywood, frame is aluminum.  $275

SOLD Nine metal tunnel holders with nylon cargo straps and 2 10" lag bolts anchors -  $20 each or all nine for $150

SOLD Six 4.5' wingless jumps with one bar each.  I used sliding jump cups for safety-one pair per jump.  $5 per jump

Seven 4' wingless jumps - Sorry I only have four bars.  I used sliding jump cups for safety-one pair per jump.  $5 per jump w/bar; $3 each for the jumps without bars.  $25 for all seven.

Homemade break away tire.  The break away feature was made with two rare earth magnetics. - $45

Home made table, approximately 16" high. - $15

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