Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jane Simmons-Moake

Jane Simmons-Moake has been writing articles about distance handling for at least seven years.  Among my old Clean Run articles are many articles from her "Unleashing Velcro" and "Distance Challenge" series.  Recently, I purchased her book, Unleashing the Velcro Dog, and I certainly would recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their distance skills.

Exercise One
A few evenings ago, I ran across this interesting set of exercises from Ms Simmons-Moake's May, 2008, "Distance Challenge."  I decided to set up the course and see if I might gain some insight on how to get Belle to turn at a distance.  The difficulties we encountered on the first Flying Squirrel Exercise certainly pounded home the fact that I'm pretty much at a loss on how to accomplish this on my own.  I set up this course and worked the first three exercises.
Exercise Two
Exercise Three
Being able to handle the exercises from behind the blue line is the ultimate goal.  However, you and your dog are not comfortable with that much distance, Ms Simmons-Moake recommends using the red line.  As you will see in the video of my efforts, when I need to work on a tough sequence, I move in even closer than that if I have to.

Exercise Four
The only change I've made to the course is the additional tunnel at the bottom of the course map.  It proved to be a great doggy accelerator.

In the video, Belle and I try the first four exercises.  Take note, I actually set the bars in the jumps for a change.


  1. Nice to have come across a blog written by someone who does NADAC distance :) Nice exercises and videos...can't wait to give them a try! Nice blog :)

  2. Thank you. I've been training more or less on my own for the last four years. I kept searching the net for training ideas (especially for distance training), but there doesn't seem to be much out there with the notable exception of the Agility Nerd, Bud Houston and now Whatcom. That's why I decided to share some of my training. (I loved the virtual training Olga Chaiko provided, but alas I think the video editing proved to be too labor intensive to continue.)

  3. I too am forced to train all on my own. I live in a very rural area where people don't really do these things with their dogs ;) Love the resources you provide...I love Steve and Bud's websites too...keep em coming :) Thanks!