Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our First "Successful" 15-Point Regular Run

This was an actual trial course that I set up two days ago in my yard.  I added the red jump to increase the number of variations I could work when sending Belle out away from me.  Because of the weave poles, it is actually easier to handle this course if you remain behind the 30 foot line.


I had a lot of fun working different sequences with all the Aussies on this course.  This morning it looked like rain, so I decided to get outside early and try running the reverse course with the bars up.  The only problem we encountered was coming out of the curved tunnel (#16) and going to the off-course jump, #6.  We were ultimately successful, and this is the very first time that Belle and I have been able to complete a Regular course with the 15-point bonus!!! 


Agility:  It's all about tricks and having fun.

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