Friday, November 4, 2011

Notes fromThursday Night Practice

This was Thursday evening’s practice course at the QCDC.

It was very cramped course which didn’t allow me to get much more than 10 feet away from Belle at any given point.  On my first run, I LO to (42,18) and ran with Belle on my right through the teeter.  I pushed her to the chute and found myself behind after she took the panel jump.  However, I was able to step backwards and call her to the table—turn was wide though.  Took a slight LO and sent her into the tunnel off my left.  I turned and started running along the DW as she exited the tunnel.  I moved with Belle on my right to TOS of 17 and sent her to 16.  I then executed a post turn to bring her over 17 on my right and RX 18 to get the wrap to the triple.

After watching the other handlers run, I decided to try and get in a FX before the teeter.  On both of my subsequent runs, I placed the FX almost on top of the teeter and had to quickly get out of the way.  (At least one other handler had the same problem.)  I don’t know if that produced a loopy path or not since I have no video.  I wish I would have tried using a BX both before and after the teeter to see if that would produce a tighter line without having to worry about tripping over the teeter.  (I did do a FX at the teeter bottom with Dusty, but it was awkward and a time killer.)

A lot of handlers managed a FX between the panel jump and the table.  I tried this on my second and third runs with Belle, and it proved to be very easy to do and very effective.
Another spot where a lot of handlers did a FX was at the right wing of 17, TOS.  I tried it on our last run, but I think our line from 16 to 17 was much tighter using a post turn.

BX-blind cross
FX-front cross
LO-lead out
RX-rear cross
TOS-take-off side of jump

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