Friday, December 23, 2011

Running A-Frame & Running Dogwalk - 5

Last night we went to the Quad Cities for Thursday night run-thrus.  I think this was the third or fourth time I had the opportunity to try out Belle's running A-frame on an A-frame that has slats.  I was discouraged last night because I didn't think she did all that well.  Luckily, Ed came along and videoed so I was able to study Belle's performance in slow motion.  

Before the run-thrus started, I was able to run Belle over the A-frame several times.  She actually did quite well with just the PVC box in place.  However, she did dismally with just the bumper because I placed it about four inches too low, forcing her to put in a stride before it and one or two after it before hitting the yellow.  (I guess if I wanted Belle to run down the A-frame instead of doing it in two jumping strides, I stumbled upon a good place to put the stride regulator.)

After the run-thrus, I tried again with just the stride regulator and she did quite well.  Unfortunately, my videographer was busy chatting, and there is no video.

During the run-thrus, I didn't use either the PVC box or the stride regulator.  Belle hit the yellow every time, but took  extra strides in the blue.  I also discovered that I have not been putting in enough effort on the running dogwalk.  After Belle leaped over the yellow three times, I had to place a hoop at the end to ensure that she would hit the yellow.

This morning, I set up a course that would allow us to practice both the A-frame and the dogwalk.  I placed a stride regulator on the A-frame and added a hoop about three feet out from the bottom.  I decided that if Belle would truly prefer to run down the A-frame, I was willing to go that route.  She surprised me with three perfect two-hits-on-the-down-side.  Unfortunately, the dogwalk was not nearly as good.  Hopefully, if I move the exit hoop closer the next time we practice, Belle will run through the yellow instead of jumping from it.

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