Thursday, December 1, 2011

Running A-Frame Training - 1

Wednesday, I added some handler motion to the jump grid.  Belle did quite well.  In the afternoon, I introduced some speed into our approach to the grid.  Tomorrow, I plan to move the grid out into the field so I can set up hoops around it so we can begin working on the grid as if it were an A-frame in the mid of a sequence.  Here's a short video from our work Wednesday morning.

After giving it some thought, I decided I'd see if Dusty could control himself enough to hit the box in the jump grid.  The first time, he soared over it, so I worked on back-chaining it.  I began with him mid-way between the second jump and the box, and worked our way back to setting up before the first jump.  I can tell that it will take longer to train Dusty since I could hear his nails ticking against the PVC box.  There will be no introduction of handler movement for Mr. D until he can get through the box.

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