Monday, July 30, 2012

Exercise 4

This exercise is very similar to the one Belle and I worked on Saturday.  Although it was awkward, I did try running with Belle on my right from #6 to #7 and then doing a rear cross.  Belle's nicest running A-frame is the first one on the video where I do a decent rear cross.

It seems much more intuitive to handle #6 to #7 with the dog on the handler's left.  The only problem I encountered was when I angled away from the A-frame way too soon  and way too far (dashed line).  It caused Belle to come off the corner of the A-frame just a little more than I would care to see.  Running to the "X" before angling  away to indicate #9 (solid line) is a better handling choice for Belle.  (This can be viewed as a training issue, but at this point, I don't really think it's wise to do any more intensive running A-frame work with Belle, especially for something like this that can easily be resolved with more thoughtful handling choices.)

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