Friday, September 7, 2012

Course Designer 4

A few days ago, I downloaded Course Designer 4 from the Clean Run website.  I finally had a chance to play with it a little today.  Below are images of the course I last blogged about in CRCD3 format, a frame shot from the video, and in CRCD4 format:

I really like the ability to change the angle of view in CRCD4.  It helps to point out tricky spots that I have difficulty visualizing in two dimensions.  On the down side, if the course isn't already in CRCD3 or 4, I have to manually input it before I can manipulate it.  (The only reason I had already rendered the two Josling's courses in CRCD3 was because the original course map had the dog walk running at a slight angle, and it is much easier for me to set a course when the dog walk is either parallel or perpendicular to my fence.)

When doing an analysis, I can easily use a frame from the video to illustrate my point.  Using Photo Shop, I can even alter the angle of view to some extent.  However, if I want the course numbered in the photo, it involves a fair amount of extra work.

As with CRCD3, the viewer is a free download which you can use forever.  After downloading the viewer, you have 30 days to play with the software before deciding whether you want or need the extra bells and whistles it provides for rendering your courses.

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  1. Way cool! I was waiting until the new version came out to download Course Designer on my new computer. I need to get on that and start playing! :o)