Sunday, September 2, 2012

Working on the Send

When I first started working on bonus lines, Belle didn't drive away from me very well.  I thought we had overcome that problem, but apparently not.  I used hoops on this course and compressed the 16-19 serpentine and tweaked everything else accordingly because I thought the serpentine would be almost impossible if the hoops were placed as indicated on the course map.  (Using jumps would have been a better choice, but they are already being used in another course at the moment.)

Well, when Belle and I had a go at it, I quickly discovered that driving down the line to the #4 tunnel was not in the cards.  Belle expected a turn after #2, and no amount of shouting "go" or "tunnel" could convince her otherwise.  Once we finally managed to get to the tunnel, the next problem was getting from 6 to 7.  Even with jumps, I think the dog's natural line would be over the off-course #2 jump.  We finally stumbled our way to the second half of the course, but Belle's confidence and energy were ebbing.  For once, I'm glad that operator error kept me from preserving this fiasco on video.

For sure we will be working driving to the tunnel over the next few days!

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