Monday, October 11, 2010

A Visitor and Another Regular Course

I found this charming fellow waiting for me out on the agility field Sunday morning.

After finishing up with the last Regular course I set up, I searched through my files, and found another one that would allow me to keep the dogwalk where it was and just move the A-frame a little.   
I was very pleased with Belle's ability to handle this with me remaining behind the 15-point bonus line.  Her only weak spot was making the turn from #4 to #5.  More than half the time on her initial run, she took the off-course tunnel.

I was amazed when I ran Dusty on the reverse of this course.  He was able to run about 3/4's of it with me remaining behind the 15-point line.  He seemed to run out of motivation or confidence around #16.  But for a dog who only is worked with lateral distance, he did very well.

Dusty had a very difficult time with the weave pole entrance.  He insisted on wrapping the first pole and coming in on the left side of the weaves.  I finally resorted to putting up a gate so that wasn't an option, and we spent some time working on weave pole entries.

I was really surprised that a dog with so many years of agility behind him didn't have enough muscle memory to keep him from entering the poles on the wrong side.  We've had weave issues in the past, but they were mostly a matter of Dusty blowing by the entry (on the right side of the weaves) because he didn't want to collect himself.

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