Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday Night Run-Thru

Thursday night's course was an Excellent Standard course designed by Siong Black.  I was really surprised when I walked it how flowing it was for an AKC course.  The only part that was iffy was the angle of approach to the dogwalk.  Either your dog's performance of the dogwalk included squaring himself up for the approach, or you managed it to make sure they didn't fall off.  Most of the handlers managed the approach to some degree (including me).  However, there were several dogs that had been trained very well and needed no help squaring up to the ramp.

I was able to run the first time through, but then my back muscles started to spasm, so I lead out and walked slowly through the course keeping as much lateral distance between Belle and me as possible.  It seemed like she was running so slow, but her run was only 4.5 or so seconds slower, and a lot of that was sucked up by slow contacts.

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