Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anatomy of a Snooker Run

Belle and I do one or two CPE trials a year, although we may be doing  more of them in the future.  Last weekend, I traveled to the Fundog CPE trial in Round Lake, Illinois.  I had hoped to have video of all our runs, but alas, we only have video of one standard run and a very, very short snooker run.

The standard run was uneventful, but the snooker run was a learning experience.  Although my Q rate in snooker is pathetically low, I really enjoy the game since it is a test of the handler's ability to think--both in the planning stage and during the actual execution of the run.  I try to go for 7's and 6's.  I try to keep some degree of fluidity in the run.  I don't succeed often, but it sure is fun to try. 

This was my opening plan.  The tunnel was not bi-directional. 

As you will see in the video, Belle back-jumped the second red.  I wanted her to change to her left lead going over the jump and wrap left.  However, she is clearly turning right upon landing.   If I had reacted faster or planned our run differently, we could have gone around the backside of the tunnel to the #7, which is what many teams did.  But I planned for her to turn left and was too attached to that idea to go right.  I think the run still could have been saved at this point, but I came to a stop on the take-off side of the jump.  When Belle  realizes I want her to turn left, she does so.  Unfortunately, since I have not moved any further to my left, she nicely comes over the jump again.  Good dog; handler not so much.

Here's the video of our standard run.

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