Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JWW Practice Course

This evening at the Quad Cities Dog Center, they set up a JWW course designed by Jacqueline Hoye from the 2008 Great St. Louis Agility Club’s Thanksgiving Weekend Trial.  What a treat.  A JWW course that allowed for distance handling.  I ran this course using three rear crosses and one front cross a couple of times.  Unfortunately, Belle is not quite fast enough to allow me to do the rear crosses unless I put an extra wide curve in my path.  If I would remember to go into pinwheels with her, I could probably take some of the curve out of my line, but staying out of a pinwheel is very, very ingrained into my psyche.

I also tried taking a lead-out and doing two front crosses, a rear and then a final front cross.  I must admit that I liked this way of handling the course better.  I wasn't standing around waiting to rear cross, and I didn't have to take a loopy line to allow Belle to pass me.  It was also resulted in a run that was about .8 of a second faster.

David and Micky took turns running Dusty this evening, but I got the final run with him.  He did some air-biting at the start line, but the only other static I got from him was a couple of barks--no spins, no coming back at me for being late.  Just full steam ahead.  I ran him with the three rear crosses and single front.  He moves so much faster than Belle that I almost didn't make it for the front cross despite the fact that I sent him just as I did Belle.  

Here is the footage of Belle and me.  Unfortunately, :( my videographer was too busy chatting to capture my run with Dusty.

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