Monday, November 22, 2010

Tunnel a la Potts

Grabbing Belle's attention as she exits a tunnel is sometimes problematical, so I decided to create a little exercise course based on the tunnel set-up from Lisa Pott's standard course that we ran on Friday.  
My original thought was to replace the weave poles with a jump, but when we ran the course it seemed a little too easy.  I replaced the jump at (51,20) with a teeter hoping it would be a more enticing obstacle for Belle coming out of a tunnel than a wingless jump.


My main objective with this set-up is directing Belle to a variety of different obstacles upon exiting the tunnel. There are four logical possibilities in the first exercise.  The dog could also be brought back over #3 as a fifth option.

The course can also be used for jump/tunnel discrimination exercise.  There are also a couple of serpentines embedded in the course.

Here's some video of Belle and me working on the tunnel exit discriminations.  I have nestled this course within the space defined by the dogwalk, A-frame and weaves, which were already set up from a previous course.

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