Monday, January 3, 2011

15-Point Chances Attempt

One last post for today.  After our unexpected success with the 15-point bonus line in jumpers on Sunday, I decided to try for the bonus in Chances also.  It really was a much simpler challenge, but I underestimated the speed and momentum Belle would have after coming over the straight tunnel alongside the A-frame.  I think I could have been a tad quicker in issuing my "come" command.  Using "Belle" instead of "come" would probably been a more effective verbal, but I don't know if it would have gotten me the turn I wanted.  

I think my major mistake was failing to do a shoulder pull as Belle comes over the jump #4.  I am walking backwards, but at such a great distance, I think it was just too subtle a signal.  I look forward to warmer weather when I can set this one up in the yard.

The only other thing about this run that I wish I could have changed was to have really reinforced Belle's drive while she was out there running.  It was spectacular, and to me it's the kind of drive your dog needs to have in order to go out these extreme distances and perform.  It is also something that Belle was not naturally blessed with.  She is bright, biddable, fairly confident, and a great companion, but extremely driven she is not.  Once we left the ring though, I made an enormous fuss over how well she did.

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  1. Ahh, we did that course in August. My girl, Blue, had it up until the switch from 9-10. I'm so happy to find someone else blogging about lines. :D