Monday, January 3, 2011

We Did It!

The first run of the day was jumpers and there was a 15-point bonus line.  It looked like it might be doable, so I decided to go for it.  I didn't know if Belle could get the turn from 3 to 4, but I felt I would be close enough to possibly salvage the run if she was not sure about what I wanted.  Turning back to take the line of jumps heading away from me was made easier by the fact that I wasn't under any bonus line constraints for the turn away.  Once Belle was headed away, I knew she'd build up a real head of steam and I was concerned about the possibility of her taking the off-course 14 after 10.  If I managed to get her to make the turn to 11 by using "wrap," then the last tricky bit was getting her to turn away from me again and not take the off-course jump (3).  It ended up being a beautiful run with a wide turn from 12 to 13 being the only bit that was not perfect.  

I apologize for my exuberant display at the end of this run, but it was such a rush to finally reach our goal of a 15-point bonus line Q.  And the fact that it was so unexpected to be able to attempt it after not doing any agility for almost a month, made it that much more exciting for me.  Thank you, Buster for giving me such a wonderful partner and companion.

Chances also had a 15-point bonus line that I felt we could do.  Belle took off like a heat-seeking missile.  Unfortunately, her guidance system, i.e., me, was not up to the task. 

We ended up going 4 for 6 on Sunday.  We failed to Q in tunnelers when Belle mistook by lead out to mean we were playing snooker and made a bee-line for me when I released her.

Here's the video from Sunday:

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