Sunday, January 9, 2011

Practice Course - Turning off a Straight Line

After the New Year's trial, I set up the course on the left to work on 1) sending Belle to a tunnel and 2) having her turn off a straight line to the tunnel to a jump.  Once it gets above freezing, I will bring out a short tunnel and set up the course more like this.

There are any number of sequences that can be run on this course.  Here are four to start you off.  Have fun, and if do set up this course, I'd love to see video of you and your dog running it.


  1. Ooooh, looks like I have something new to set up at the arena next weekend. This will be a helpful one for me to work on sending Holly away from me after the "go on" straight ahead tunnel. I only wish Santa had brought me a video camera :(

  2. Getting Belle to drive away from me when I am behind the bonus line has been the most difficult part of her training. The most difficult part for me as a handler is realizing I sometimes have to move more behind the bonus than when I am out on the course, or Belle may not heed (or even see) my body cues, like in the Chances bonus I tried on Jan. 2.