Monday, March 7, 2011

USDAA PII - Standard

Belle and I finally completed her PII Standard title with two qualifying runs this weekend.  Here is Saturday's course map:
As the course was actually set, the weaves were at more of a right angle to the tire.  I opted to take only a modest lead out since I decided to stay on the right side of the teeter and push to #5.  From the table, I once again just took a small lead out so I could push to #10 and support #11.  Then I took off running so I could get to the right side of the weaves as Belle was approaching the bottom of the dogwalk.  I decided the best way for me to handle the tire was to take Belle there on my left, making sure we approached it head on.  (Since Belle is relatively small, I often have her slice an AKC tire.  But the smaller diameter of the USDAA makes that a non-option.)


Here's the course map for Sunday's PIII Standard run.  This course ran a lot smoother and easier for me.  Possibly because we didn't need the Q :-)  Unfortunately, I was unable to get this one taped.  But I ran it pretty much as indicated.  In order to ensure a nice approach to the dogwalk, I traveled at least as far to the left as the tunnel exit.  At the table, I only lead out a stride or so in order to promote a straight line to the tire.  From then on it was pedal to the metal.

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