Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video Response to an Agility Nerd Video

Steve Schwarz, a/k/a The Agility Nerd, is a tremendous resource to those of us who train on our own.  He blogs at least once a week about a course he has either run or created, and he provides video.  The video I posted here of Belle and me is in response to a video Steve made from his January 11, 2011 class with Dana Pike Chamberlain.  The course map and details on how Steve ran the course, they are available on his blog.

I am definitely not as fleet a foot as Steve, so my handling depended upon being able to send Belle while I moved in to position for the tricky threadles.  I thought we did a pretty good job of them.  I was truly amazed that Belle realized which tunnel I wanted her to take after jump #10.  I didn't bother to move the one that was set up under the dogwalk, so she really had several choices.

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  1. Rose - you two did a very nice job on that course! You certainly are using your distance skills to your benefit. I remember it was a fun to run course maybe I'll set it up again after mud season.

    You have a really nice training area too!