Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Which Way to Wrap?

The weather today is great!  Warm enough to get outside and do a little agility.  I set up a seven obstacle course designed by Tracy Sklenar for the September/ October, 2010 issue of Dog Sport Magazine.  My DH made me a quick mount for my Kodak Playsport video camera so I was able to video each of our sessions without having to fuss with screwing the camera onto the tripod every time I went outside.  I have a lot of video to analyze, but I will be kind and post just a sampling.

I simplified the first two exercises which involved wrapping a jump and decided to find out which way was faster.  I must confess, I have a strong preference for wrapping my dog toward me, but after watching  video of Belle wrapping very tightly away from me, I will no longer be timid about asking her to wrap away from me.

Which produces a faster line to the tunnel?  Wrapping right or left over jump #5?

Which produces a faster line to the tunnel?  Wrapping right or left over #7?
I thought wrapping away from me would produce the fastest line to the tunnel in both exercises, but that was only true in the first exercise.  Wrapping toward me (right) in the second exercise produced the faster line.  The difference wasn't enormous, but making the correct handling decision at every point on a course adds up to a significant savings of time and yardage.

Last spring, I attended a one-day seminar with Ann Braue.  I remember her talking about two of considerations in deciding which way to wrap a jump:  Where is your dog coming from?  Where is he going?

Having Belle wrap (right) away from me in the first exercise produced an efficient path to the tunnel because jump #6 is to the right of #5 (when you're facing away from the camera).  But in the second exercise, the most efficient line from #7 to #8 is to come in through the gap, plus it is a straight line after the wrap to the tunnel.

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