Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting Outside for an Agility Fix

I was hoping to be able to drive out to the agility field, but I settled on having Ed move a few jumps close to the house.  I've gone out with Belle a few times and worked on simple box exercises.  Today, I decided to have Ed set up the current Whatcom exercise in the space I'm using.  Since I'm limited to sitting in a chair, we had a lot of off-courses, but Belle and I managed to get the exercise right a couple of times.  More importantly, Belle got some exercise and I got an agility fix.


  1. Haven't we all joked around about doing agility whilst sitting in a chair at one point or another? Well there you go, you've done it, and done it well! :o)

  2. Color me very impressed that your dog will even do obstacles while you are sitting down! I'm not sure mine would :) Good to hear that you are healing well!