Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lawn Chair Agility

I try to get out every  day to work with Belle so that when I can stand on two feet again, she will be in tiptop condition.  I do a lot of tennis ball flinging for her--not an easy feat given how many trees are in the yard beyond the patio.  I actually managed to get a tennis ball stuck in not one, but two different trees.

Belle does really well when I try to do agility with her.  She's getting used to having to ignore all the conflicting body language and depend more on the verbals.  Here's a short video from yesterday.  I was very proud of Belle when she turned after the last jump and ran to the table.  Belle has also gotten very good about dragging my pillows from the bedroom to the living room so I can prop my ankle up.

Two more weeks before I go to see the orthopedist again. Hopefully, the x-rays will show I'm ready to start bearing weight on my left leg.


  1. I think your lawn chair agility is brilliant!! Hope you continue to heal and are back on your feet soon!

  2. What a special dog you have :) You will be all set for Champs...heck you two will be Superstakes Champs at the rate you're going!

    Here's hoping for good news on your next Dr's appointment!

  3. Maybe I should start practicing in a lawn chair once in a while to work on distance, this is awesome! I'm glad you are still getting to play agility!