Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Can Walk Again -- Sort of

It's been almost six weeks since I had surgery to repair my broken ankle.  This morning, my orthopedist cleared me to start walking on my left leg.  Aside from the fact my ankle is too swollen to flex, I'm doing pretty well.  I mowed the agility field, and my DH set up a real course for me.  Today was a Midwestern rarity--95 degrees, but with low humidity and a nice stiff breeze.  It was actually quite tolerable outside, especially, in the shade.

I believe this was one of the sample courses that was available on the NADAC Yahoo list at one time.  I added the jump in red so that I would be able to come up with more variations.

I discovered I cannot move backwards in the splint--I nearly fell on my butt trying.  As soon as the swelling goes down enough to get my foot into a shoe, it will be hasta la vista to the boot.

During my six weeks of lawn chair agility, Belle really learned what "turn" means.  In the video, you can see several times when I say "turn," and Belle turns more sharply than I had intended.  Once I finally figured where body cues alone were sufficient, it went much more smoothly.  I also found out that "come" does "mean take an obstacle closer to me."  Rather it is the opposite of "turn."  I'm planning to change my "come to me" command to something like "front" so that when I want to recall Belle, there is no doubt in her mind what I want.

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  1. Congratulations! It must feel good to get back on both feet again!