Friday, June 17, 2011

20 Point Bonus Attempt

Belle and I went out to the field around 8:30 this morning for our first bonus attempt on the course I posted yesterday.  It went really well except for the turn from #9 to #10.  Instead of going left after #9, Belle wanted to go right.  I also was majorly late in turning Belle from #15 to #16.

Next I brought out Libby and Dusty and had another go at handling the course from the area around the #5 jump.  Since Libby does agility only because I ask, I accept the off-courses and just keep going.  Once again, I was impressed by how much distance she was able to do.

This was Dusty's second exposure to this course and we did well until #18, which is where we had trouble yesterday.  The plane of #19 is close enough to the left upright of #18, that if the dog is already turning as he jumps #18, he is going to have difficulty getting the next jump.

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