Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Almost Successful 20-Point Bonus Jumpers Attempt

Belle and I did the reverse of yesterday's Elite Jumpers course this morning.  Belle got everything except the last jump, which she missed because I started to celebrate our success after she took the penultimate jump.  Moral of the story:  The course isn't over until the finish line is crossed.

Here are a couple of sequences using the four obstacles I added to this jumpers course.  The course maps are included in the video.


  1. Your mobility looks great on what must still be a very sore ankle! On the plus side, Belle's distance is looking awesome! You'll be more than ready for champs :) Wish I was year.

  2. My ankle is still sore and very stiff, but if the fungus gnats weren't so terrible, I'd probably spend a little more time out on the course every day.

    I'm very encouraged by the distance that Belle has developed over the last six weeks. It will make those long, wide open courses at Champs a lot more doable for this old body.