Friday, June 10, 2011

The Garden

Despite the fact I haven't been able to weed my gardens over the last seven weeks, they are doing pretty well without me.  The flower garden in front of the house looks very pretty this year with an abundance of foxgloves.  Last year, this same garden exploded with the red poppies in the lower left corner just in time for Memorial Day weekend. 

I was hoping to go the the 4RK9's NADAC trial tomorrow, but I'm just not mobile enough yet, and my ankle keeps swelling up like a balloon.  So I guess hang around the house and try to get some weeding done.  With all the rain we've had over the last two and a half days, they should come out the ground very easily.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had the wherewithal to grow stuff. ;o)

    Sorry you weren't up to the trial just yet. There were bonus lines on almost all of the courses, but I didn't try any this time. Poor Luke's Q rate has gone down the toilet lately and I decided to try to actually get some for a change. lol