Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introduction to Distance Training - Part Three

It's been two or three days since my first two sessions with Max, so I decided to set up three hoops and work a few minutes with him this morning.  Unlike my Aussies and Lacie, the Cocker Spaniel, Max does not have live to work with his people.  Additionally, he is easily distracted.  He no longer has a reliable recall, so I will never be able to take him out to the agility field to work since it is unfenced.  However, there is a fair amount of room in the backyard, and I should be able to set up some fairly interesting courses for him as time goes by.

For today's exercise, I set up a three hoop pinwheel.  Based on our short warm-up, I decided the second pinwheel was too far out, so I moved it in closer.  If Max had trouble with it at that distance, I could have moved the hoops closer together and/or moved a little more deeply into the pocket.  My goal when I do a pinwheel is to stay out of the pocket unless I want to do a front cross before the third jump or I'm need to run a longer path so my dog can get ahead of me before I do a rear cross.

Here's the video:

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