Friday, September 9, 2011

Masters/PIII Standard

Written September 7, 2010  I sent in my entry yesterday for a USDAA trial that closes today.  Hopefully, it will get there in time.  If not, I hope to be able to attend RACE’s USDAA trial in November.  I started looking at course maps and decided to set up the mirror image of this standard course designed by Frank Holik.  (I chose the mirror image only because my dogwalk and A-frame were already more or less in position for the mirror image.)

From looking at the course map last night, I expected to find three main areas of concern.  The 4-6 serpentine to the weaves; the teeter to the correct end of the tunnel and getting from 19 to 20.  Once I had the course set up and was able to walk it, the first concern disappeared.  Beating Belle to #6 wasn’t necessary or even desirable since the course veered left after the chute.  Rear crossing the chute put me in a good spot to handle the jump to the weaves.

I sent Belle to the table and ran to the landing side of the #13 jump so that I could direct her into the tunnel.  While she was in the tunnel, I moved back to the landing side of #13 so I could call her and then run toward the tire.  I initially considered waiting for her on the take-off side, but decided that would put me way too far behind for the final push to the finish.

I had hoped to get into position at the right upright of #19 and wrap Belle to the right.  However, I was several feet from the jump when she took it.  I still signaled for a wrap right, but I began moving toward #20, and Belle read it as a signal to wrap left.

I just ran the course once in the morning so I could study the video and look for spots where we could improve.  Here's the video:

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