Friday, March 9, 2012

Chances - 03/08/2012

The winds have abated somewhat, so I was able to set up a Chances course in preparation for this weekend's NADAC trial.

The hardest part of this course is getting to the #7 jump.  On my first attempt with Dusty, I ended up against the back line after completing the serpentine, and was unable to move in the direction of #7 when he exited the tunnel.  The second time, I made sure I had the room to move.  Unfortunately, I failed to plan for handler movement toward the tunnel after #9.  However, to my surprise, Dusty continued on to the tunnel with verbal urging and a couple of arm pushes.

Since this course included a couple of bonus lines, I gave it a whirl with Belle.  I was expecting the turn from #3 to #4 to be difficult, and it was.  I didn't think #7 would be that much of a problem since I certainly had room to push forward.  However, sometimes timing is everything, and I was dismayed to see how late I was in my send to #7 with both dogs.

One last thing to look for in the video.  When Belle and I finally make it through the whole run successfully, notice that I am bending forward as she finishes the dog walk.  At the time, I wondered why she failed to stop.  However, now I know.  The best way to reinforce a stopped contact is to stand up straight.  Bending forward is an acceleration cue.  That's why sometimes it works when you run out of running room in Chances or Gamblers.

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