Monday, March 12, 2012

Chances Analysis - 03/10/2012

We ran this Chances course on Saturday at the QCDC trial.

 When I walked this course, I thought the hardest thing for Belle and me would be to turn from the #5 hoop to the #6 jump.  I felt she would build up so much momentum that the A-frame would be a very viable off-course.  The only other difficulty I foresaw was driving forward from the A-frame to hoop #10 for those dogs who had a stopped contact.

Oh, well, guess I won't be accepting a job as a course analyst any time soon.  The #1 challenge proved to be getting your dog to the #5 hoop.  By and large, at all levels, the dog came out of the tunnel looking for his handler and never made it to #5.

For those dogs that made it to #5 (whether on the first effort or the second), the next problem became turning from #7 to #8.  For the unwary handler, which was many of us, our handling path took our partner directly to the off-course tunnel.

Q Statistics
Elite 1 Q/17runs
Open 1 Q/12 runs
Novice 0 Q/15

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