Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Testing Our Running A-Frame: Exercise 1

Last week I devoted my time and energy to painting the dining room and doing spring clean up in my flower beds.  The dining room is finished, but the work continues in the garden.  However, I finally had a chance to set up a new course to work on.

I chose the March, 2012 set of exercises that Kathy Keats designed for Clean Run since it presents different options before and after the A-frame.  Exercise One calls for several wraps, but the one right before the A-frame presented a special challenge for Belle and me since I want her to do a running A-frame.  I'm not fast enough to stay at next to the jump for the wrap and handle the turn into the tunnel under the A-frame, so I decided we would work on getting the wrap with a minimal amount of handler help.  I thought Belle did a nice job on the A-frame into the tunnel.

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