Friday, April 20, 2012

Chances - 04/19/2012

We have a NADAC trial this weekend, so I wanted to work on a Chances course with Dusty.  I chose this one from 2009:

Libby did splendidly on this course, and after our first bonus line attempt (I turned too soon sending Belle to the dogwalk), Belle and I were able to nail this one.  Dusty was another matter.  Thunderstorms were approaching during our first session, and I think they completely short-circuited his brain.  However, even on the next day, I had to baby-sit the line to #4 or he went directly from #3 to the tunnel.  I also had to really, really get his attention while he was approaching #12, or he continued out on a wide arc and went wide of the next jump by 10-20 feet!!!


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