Monday, April 2, 2012

How Not to Handle a Course

I wanted to work a little distance with Belle, so I set up this course designed by Stefan Elvstad of Whatcom Agility Team.  Stefan did an excellent job incorporating tunnel challenges in this course that have given us trouble at actual trials.

Unfortunately, after setting up the course, I was too tired to give it the effort it deserved and we lots of off-courses and various other faults.  For example:
  • Turned my shoulders and pulled Belle away from the weave entry;
  • Turned my shoulders and pulled Belle out of the weaves;
  • Was late indicating the turn from #4 to the tunnel.  First time, Belle continued on to the #12 jump.  The second time, she ended up on the backside of the tunnel.
  • More than once, I turned too soon and sent Belle up the A-frame instead of into the #7 tunnel.
  • Failed to give Belle (and Dusty) enough information before they entered the #15 tunnel so that they didn't make a beeline for the off-course #2 tunnel. 
  • Lost track of the course at #16 and sent Belle into the #11 tunnel instead of over the #17 jump.
  • Missed the A-frame contact.
  • Lastly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Dusty jumping over the #4 tunnel.
I went out later in the afternoon and ran it again with both dogs, giving the course the effort it deserved.  Belle nailed it (although I didn't try any extreme distance handling with her this time), and Dusty and I made it through with just one bobble.

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