Sunday, April 1, 2012

IHC Standard

I stumbled across this IHC Standard course on the USDAA website in January, and decided it was a fitting follow-up to the European jumpers course we tackled last week.  (For information on USDAA'S IHC classes, see Brenda Fender's article on the USDAA site.)

Unfortunately, the first time we tackled this one, I over-looked the fact that there is a threadle before the #11 tunnel.  I only realized my error because I found three videos of teams actually running this course at the Good Dog trial last year.  (I included the videos below mine.)

The two problematic areas of this course for Belle and me are going from the #11 tunnel to the #12 jump and turning left out of the #16 tunnel.  Because there is a threadle involved at 9/10, the handler is forced to position herself somewhere in the vicinity of the gap between the two jumps.  To be able to get to the landing side of #9 is preferable since you can face your dog and cue collection.  As it was, both times I tried this, I should have moved back toward the tunnel another foot or two.

Unfortunately, being so close to the #11 tunnel makes it impossible for me to get ahead of Belle and in position to do a front cross on the take-off side of #15 to set up the left turn out of the #16 tunnel, which was my initial plan.  As I discovered, if I moved too soon, I risked sending Belle off-course over the #9 jump.  When I held my ground until Belle was committed to #12, my only recourse was to do a rear cross before the chute and another before the #16 tunnel and hope she would turn left upon exiting the tunnel.

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