Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Choas to Order

I set up this Elite Jumpers course on Monday:

First I tried it from behind the 20-pt line, but this proved to be too difficult for Belle and me.  The basic problem for us is that it is just too far back, especially if I want to remain far enough back from the line that moving forward is an option.  I analyzed our efforts in the video, so I won't repeat the analysis here.

One thing that I completely missed was the difficulty of managing the dog's path from the tunnel to #8.  It wasn't until I tried running the course with Dusty this morning that it was driven home to me how difficult the line is.  1-8 allow the dog to move in full extension.  However, when the dog hits #7 at full speed, his line is not going to take him to #8, especially if the handler is left of 5/7.

With Dusty, it would have been a better handling choice to move toward the tunnel entrance with him so I could pick him up on my left and then rear cross #8.  However, I persevered and he eventually managed to come out of the tunnel and check his speed in response to my static position.

This course ran much better in reverse.  Belle and I nailed it from the 15-pt line after just one false start, and Dusty had no problems with it either.


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