Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parcours des Monats - Juni

Sabine Westhaeusser posted the June Parcours des Monats (designed by Diana Domokos) on her website last week.  The course maps can be found here.

The first exercise went pretty smoothly for Belle and me.  The second, however, was another story.  We had various and sundry off-courses and refusals, but our number one problem was hitting the weave pole entrance.  After working on this course over a period of several days, it is obvious to me that if I want Belle to have weave pole entries that are completely independent of me no matter what the angle, we are going to have to devote a training session or two a month to increasing and maintaining her skills.

The major problem we encountered on this course was getting into the #14 tunnel and going directly from that tunnel to the #15 jump.  After taking a break of a couple of days due to hot weather, I had to refresh my memory by looking at the course map.  I discovered that in our prior attempts, I was mistakenly directing Belle to the back side of #13.  Taking #13 in the correct direction seemed to make getting Belle into the tunnel easier, but it didn't solve the problem of getting from the tunnel to #15.  Successfully doing that seemed to be dependent upon getting out ahead before Belle exited the tunnel.

Here's my video with commentary about some of the problems we encountered.  You can view video of other people running these courses by clicking here.


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