Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Parcours from Germany

Tanja from Scotti's Seite on YouTube invited me to run the monthly exercises she puts together.  I tried the July exercises last Friday and was rathered bummed out by our inability to handle them.  Basically, many of the challenges of the German courses are just things we never see here in the States, and therefore, Belle and I are tackling them from scratch.  In essence the courses demand that either you run with your dog (for the young and the fast) or you can work distance and extremely close to your dog as needed.

Here is the video of the first two exercises--successes and failures included.  We worked on the third exercise also, but it was sprinkling so I had to put the camera away.  For some reason, I had a very difficult time remembering the third sequence.  Probably the heat and humidity.  This is definitely a project I would be better off tackling on a cool spring or autumn day.


  1. Hallo Rose
    I'd like to link you on my homepage, is it okay for you?

  2. Hi, Sabine:

    It's okay with me. I wish I could run these courses as smoothly as you guys do. It's a whole new skill set for Belle and me to learn. One that should come in very handy when we play Snooker.