Sunday, July 17, 2011

There's a Heat Wave Coming

After I ran Dusty on the Euro Puzzle this morning, I decided to set up another of Nancy Gyes Alphabet Drills.  This one is the letter C from the April, 2005 issue of Clean Run.  Since it is going to be really hot and muggy for the next few days, I thought these drills should be short enough to go out and work once or twice a day.  Additionally, setting up the jumps doesn't require the surveyor's tape and wheel.  Approximate is good enough.

This morning, I decided to tackle the figure 8 drills.  Instead of running a separate set for each type of "cross,"* I decided to blend them into one long sequence and end with a Ketschker.  By far the easiest way for me to run the figure 8 was with the front cross--since I can send Belle to do the 180's, it minimizes the steps I have to take and getting the front cross in is a piece of cake.  However, the concentration involved in remembering which set of crosses I'm using each time through is a great mental exercise for me.

I spent a lot of time working on the Ketschker turn on the mirror image drill, and we never did get it right.  Unfortunately, it was getting too warm to stay out any longer or I would have also worked the figure 8 using a different "cross" every time a turn was called for .  I'll post the videos as we do more of these exercises during the week.

* I put cross in quotes because a post turn was also used in this exercise.

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