Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Difficult 15-Point Bonus Challenge

Yesterday, I set up a Regular course from the February NADAC trial at the QCDC. 

This is not a course I would try from the 15-point line in competition because it is a too complex for us above the 70' line.  However, I felt it would be a good course to practice increasing our distance skills.  Part of the problem we encountered with this course was due to the fact that I have never been able to train Belle to drive to the end of her dogwalk and A-frame. Since my handling area was limited by the bonus line, I was unable to keep moving forward while Belle was on the dogwalk and she lost momentum.

When I try this course from the 15-point bonus line again, I am going to do a lateral lead-out to about (8,-8) and see if I can't keep pressure on Belle's line while she is on the dogwalk.

I also ran Dusty last night, but didn't have the camera rolling.  I was amazed at how intently he attacked the course and how well we did.  He got his contacts and left all the bars up; no barking at his handler; an almost perfect run.  He was really flying by the time he hit the weaves and ended up single-footing them.  Unfortunately, he was moving with such extension that he ended up popping out at #10 because he had run out of room for his body in the poles.

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