Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chances Analysis - 07/31/11

Sunday, Belle and I went to Davenport for Ready, Steady, Go's NADAC trial.  I was a lot more mobile than I was at last month's trial and Belle's times were quite a bit better.  I was particularly pleased that Belle did no stress scratching at the start line as I lead out.  She was focused on Mom and the course.  Here is video of four of our five runs:

Here's my analysis of Elite and Open Chances in a video format:


  1. I agree with all of your assessments -- Oddly, we ran that same set of courses in MN on July 9 (I hate seeing the same courses used within a region, but not much you can do!). We had a similar Q rate with higher entry numbers.

    None of my three got it (two in Elite, one in Open). Luke should have, but he was just disconnected from me that day and wasn't trusting my cues, causing him to cut in before the tunnel/dog walk discrimination. I was not able to get him to resend out to the appropriate tunnel (he kept looking back at the #3 tunnel). My little dog missed his switch cue at the hoops and shot over the line before turning, but then did get his out tunnel. My youngest dog never made it from the dog walk to the tunnel. lol (We have since been working on getting to the end of the dog walk while I am not there to support it!)

    Nice runs! Good to see you more mobile again!

  2. Is that a bi-directional hoop sequence in the Chances course? Interesting. I see a bonus line an immediately start considering how to handle that and usually there's a better side for the bonus line. It all depends on how it's set though. Looks like the one further 'down' would be 'easier' for my dog.

    I liked the analysis with video and results. I'd almost think it would be fun to do that down here. That doesn't seem to be the most 'technical' Chances course, so just the amount of momentum the dog needed was the challenge.

  3. Yep. 4/5 was bi-directional. This is the first time I have seen bi-directional hoops.

    Without a doubt the hoop closer to the handler is the one the dog is going to take coming out of the tunnel. This is because the dog looks for his handler upon exiting and that takes the hoop closer to the wall out of his line of sight.

    I think I could have handled this one from the 60-foot line. However, I wanted to concentrate on speed at this trial. The 20-pt bonus line was just too far for Belle and me.

  4. I'm new to your blog, and don't have NADAC near me, but I just wanted to say I LOVED the format of your course analysis video with course map and comments and video of different handlers! I wish there were more of this, please let me know if you know where else to find it! Learned so much.

  5. I'm glad you liked the video analysis. Bud Houston and the Agility Nerd do course analysis on their blogs on a regular basis. (Steve, the Agility Nerd, often has video to show how a course can be run.) Lisa Selthofer has some articles on course analysis on her website, but they can be difficult to track down.

    Kathy Keats offers courses with notes on running for a fee.

  6. I loved this format, too! Please please please do more of this--I found it to be so incredibly helpful, especially showing handlers at all levels. I'm still in Novice Chances but just about to move up to Open, so I have a burning interest in studying courses at all three levels!