Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spring Lake

My sister-in-law alerted me to the fact that the lotus are blooming at Spring Lake, which is part of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge, located about 2 miles south of Savanna, Illinois.  After the rain this morning, the day turned out to be rather pleasant so Ed and I decided to go hiking at Spring Lake.  It's the first time I've walked on uneven ground for any distance since I broke my ankle, and my ankle did really well.

By the time we got to Spring Lake, the humidity was starting to climb and it was about 82 degrees and incredibly sunny.  Thankfully, there was a stiff breeze, which kept the mosquitoes at bay, as well as keeping us cool.  Here are a few photos I took today:

One of the many lotus beds at Spring Lake.

This lotus leaf is about 20" across.

Tundra Swans can almost always be found at Spring Lake.


  1. Surely you must be expecting this question -- What camera do you use? These shots are simply stunning!

  2. Thank you, Karissa. The photos were taken with a Sony CyberShot DSC-H1X. I own a digital SLR, but it's just too heavy to lug around. The Sony has an optical 20x zoom, which was a major consideration when I purchased it. My Kodak Playsport died (a common complaint), so all my video is now shot with this Sony. I really love this little camera.

    The photos were all shot in very bright sunlight, and I worked on each of them in PhotoShop to reduce the contrast and correct the color.