Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bonus Line Practice

I set this 25-obstacle regular course, which I believe was in the course example file on the NADAC list at one time.

This is actually Round 2 of this particular course.  I chose this version over Round 1 for our bonus attempt because Belle is coming toward me on the dogwalk and A-frame.  I think sending her away from me, not once, but twice on the dogwalk has a very low probability of success.

I really thought the 5-7 sequence was the hardest part of the course, especially the turn to the #7 jump.  However, as you will see in the video, I was so wrong about that it's pathetic.

Here are some short sequences Belle and I will be running on this course to practice our communication skills :-)


  1. I have found tunnels set like that are really very difficult to cue for some reason, well, not the tunnel itself, but what comes after the tunnel. Blue almost always has to check in. All I can think is it's late timing on a 'go on' or something. Although I think I've had the issue when I got the verbal timed right. There's just something about that set up for dogs that are bit more thoughtful at a distance and don't just rocket out ahead. Maybe we need to be moving in the direction of the next obstacle as they're committed to the tunnel?

  2. The Sequence 4-5-6-7 to find out the distance,I also find very difficult.
    I'm going to practice the course soon :-)

  3. Rebecca, I gave this problem a lot of thought and followed up with a lengthy post about it this morning.

    One thing I didn't really mention was the difference between handling a driven dog vs. one that is less driven and concerned about making the right choices. You're right though, a high drive dog would have no problem getting from the first tunnel to the second. Actually, it would probably be next to impossible to keep him out of the second tunnel ;-)