Saturday, April 2, 2011

15-Point Chances Practice - Part I

I set up this Chances Course during the week so I could work on handling it from the 15-bonus line.

Belle and I ran this course on January 2nd at the QCDC trial.  (There was an A-frame next to the tunnel which I didn't include on my practice course.)  I believe it was the first time I attempted the bonus line on a Chances course.  I really thought this course would be relatively easy, but Belle went like a rocket from #4 to the off-course #10 tunnel and finished with the dogwalk.

I really didn't see that off-course coming, but when I watched the video, I noticed I faced Belle and called, but failed to move back or attempt a shoulder pull.  Okay, so my thinking is this goes to the heart of my need to train myself to not stop moving.  However, after working with Belle on this course for several days, I discovered that was not to be my only problem with this course.

Since for most of us, Chances is the hardest class to qualify in, I decided to outline all of the challenges I spotted on this course.

1.  On the original course there was the A-frame/tunnel discrimination at #3.  This really was a non-issue given how the course is set up.

2.  Getting the dog to #4.

3.  Turning the dog from #4 to #5.

4.  The #8-#10 sequence.

Given that you aren't attempting this from the 15-point line, the biggest challenges are the second and fourth ones.  If you outrun the dog when he is in the tunnel, sending him on to #4 is going to be a tough sell.  In order to turn your dog right over #9, it is best to remain at least two or three feet from the line so you can move in enough to indicate the turn to the tunnel.

In the video below, David had no problem getting Dusty to #4.  However, it proved to be a major sticking point for Dusty and me while working on this in the yard.  It was also a major sticking point for Libby, who has much less experience than Dusty and Belle with Chances.

Here is the video of David and Dusty's qualifying run.

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  1. I ran that course in MN last July -- Thought, "This is the easiest Chances course ever," which of course, is the kiss of death! lol I *assumed* my Elite dog would just go straight into the number 7 tunnel and I started to back up to give myself room to send back out -- Luke read my motion, wondered where I was going and stopped & spun in front of the tunnel -- Right over the line. Sometimes those dang lines are TOO CLOSE to the obstacles. :o) So that was my lesson on this course -- Support all the way into the tunnel...