Monday, April 18, 2011

CPE Trial

Belle, Dusty and I went to the Davenport yesterday for the QCDC's first CPE trial.  It was a very small trial, but those of us who were there had a great time.  Our judge was Mary Beam, and she set some interesting courses.  Plus, she was very congenial, and very helpful to those who were playing the CPE games for the very first time.

Belle and I are at Level 4, and we Q'd on all five runs yesterday.  I was particularly proud of myself in Snooker.  I handled well and didn't commit snookercide.  We garned two 7s and a 5.  I had a fleeting desire to go for three 7s, but since we hadn't Q'd in snooker the last four times we tried, I decided it was time to start plotting snooker courses with a little more flow.

Dusty was a mama's boy for his first two runs with David.  Then he got into the flow and earned a Q in Standard and a Q in Full House.  He almost earned a Q on his first Standard run, but did a spectacular fly-off on the teeter (still managing to have one foot on it when it touched the ground) and David walked him off the course.

Here are Belle's Jumpers, Snooker and Full House runs.  

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