Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power Paws - Long Way, Short Way: Exercise Three

Here is exercise three from the 03/11 article by Nancy Gyes.

There are a myriad of ways to handle 1-6, and I don't know that it makes much difference which way is chosen, as long as the dog doesn't go off-course.  I felt the crucial point of this exercise was how you decided to handle the weaves.   Front crossing between #6 and the weaves gave me the feeling I was in control of the run.  My second choice would be the blind cross I did at the weave exit.  However, much to my surprise, Belle's fastest run was her first complete run on the video where I waited to do a rear cross after she took #6 and then had to run like crazy to catch up in the weaves. 

I was absolutely taken by surprise when both Belle and Dusty took went from 1 to 3 on their first attempt on this course.  I haven't a clue why they did it.  Belle only did it once, but Dusty did it several times.  He also went off-course from 5 to 3.  I suspect that was because two of the fingers on my left hand were pointing at 3 as I went by it. 

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