Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ketschker: A Different Type of Blind Cross

Added 06/13/2013:  The first video of me introducing the Ketschker to Belle has nearly 1,000 views.  Since I really didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, that is really unfortunate.  Here's a short video I shot today that shows a much more systematic way to introduce this move:


Original Post:
I was watching some videos posted lately by ScottisSeite on YouTube, and saw a very interesting handling maneuver.  The handler moves backward toward a jump and the dog takes the jump and goes behind the handler to the other side of the handler.  Here's a video from three years ago of someone training the maneuver, which is known as a Ketschker:

Here is a more recent video from a seminar that shows people using the Ketschker:

I decided to try teaching Belle this move.  Here is my first effort this morning.  It's a rather blatant example of how not to train.

After I edited this morning's video and looked for a couple of examples from ScottisSeite to include in this post, I spotted how to indicate the move to Belle at 1:54 in the second video above.*  Watch the lady's hands.  She is basically using the hand movements we use in obedience to teach a dog to return to heel position by going around the handler's right side.   Well, duh, we may not do much obedience, but we have worked on that skill.  I went out again with Belle and managed to quiet my arms and body and get a much better response from her.

*(Note:  To me it doesn't look like everyone is using this particular signal, but for Belle and me it seems like a good starting point.)

Here's the video of our second session:

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