Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yesterday's Jumpers Course Reversed - Another 15-pt Attempt

I reversed yesterday's course so I could do some more 15-point distance with Belle.  Note that I moved the tunnel to the left side so that it is still the first obstacle.

The narration on the video says just about everything I can think of regarding this jumpers course.

As you watch, notice that with Belle, if I am moving toward the right side of the course, I cause varying degrees of curving either right out of the tunnel or after the first jump.  Also, Belle interprets my turn command between 16 & 17 to mean she is to turn left after 17.

With Dusty, the 8/12/15 jump is our biggest problem.  I say "come" as he takes the jump before, and he interprets it literally and comes to me instead of taking the jump.

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